I was born in Caracas Venezuela in 1958.
I am the son of Hungarian immigrant parents. Because of them I have dual nationality, Venezuelan and Hungarian. I am self taught with analogue and digital photography skills specializing in creating fine art photography and photography for the stock industry today. My studies in photography are of self-taught origin, learning on my own by reading technical books and working with photographers in the commercial area in my beginnings. Between the 70s and 80s there were no photography schools or universities in Venezuela.
My current experience is based on real life learning through 42 years in this profession.
Advertising agencies
Graphic designers
Almost all the photographers from Venezuela in my E6 analog photographic laboratory that mentioning them would be a very long list, however I must mention some like Guido Malandrino(RIP),Angel Rodriguez,Roberto Loscher,Pablo Krisch,Ricardo Jimenez,Ricardo Gomez,Nelson Garrido, Simon Jauncey,Gustavo Dao,Ricardo Ramia,Fabrizio Patassa(RIP),Gianni dal Maso, Claudio Napolitano and sorry to all the others that I did not mention in the list but who trusted me from the beginning sending material to develop Ektachrome film for more than 20 years.
Companies and Corporations that requested stock or commissioned images such as:
General Electric
Venezolana de Pinturas C.A.
Leo Burnett
Concept & Mac Can Erickson
Advertising 67
J. Walter Thompson.

In Venezuela
Private collectors of fine art photography
Particulars for portraits
Through online stores of commercial stock photography  to download digitally at Getty Images.
 National and international exhibitions.
2016.-PH21 Gallery Budapest city,Hungary Group Exhibitions Moments
2014.-PH21 Gallery Budapest city,Hungary Group Exhibition Cities
2001.-Siglo y Medio de fotografía Húngaro-Venezolana.Centro Cultural La Estancia,CCS Venezuela
2000.-I Bienal de Fotografía Fundación Daniela Chappard.Ganador 2da Mención en fotografía documental.
2000.-Venezuela Tierra de Parques Nacionales Group exhibition.Casa Simón Bolívar de la Habana Cuba.
1999-2000.- After Image Gallery (www.afterimage.com).Houston Texas.Expuesto en Internet en la sección "Our viewers Best" durante 8 meses con la fotografía titulada DESCANSO
1997.-Salón Ganadores XVI Concurso de Fotografía Conservacionista.Mención Honorífica Museo de Ciencias Naturales Caracas Venezuela.
1996.-Salón Ganadores XV Concurso Fotografía Conservacionista Maraven Sala Maraven.Mención Honorífica con la fotografía HELECHOS. Caracas Venezuela.
1993-1994.-La Naturaleza Tropical de Venezuela. Un recorrido por sus Parques Nacionales.Exposición colectiva e iterenante por Venezuela,Mexico,EUA,España y otros paisajes.Patrocinio: INparques,Banco de Venezuela y Fundación Banco Consolidado.
1986.-Salón de Jóvenes Fotógrafos.Museo de Arte Contemporáneo.Sala Ipostel.Caracas Venezuela.
1983.-Salón de Jóvenes Fotógrafos.Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Caracas Venezuela
1983.-Homenaje a la Tierra Natal. Museo de arte Moderno.Budapest Hungría.
1981.- Salón de Fotografía Jóven.Galería Arte Nacional.Caracas Venezuela

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